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Premo tha' don recently joined DefTunez as a vocal performer but his talents as a music producer really sealed the deal for us. Look forward to his self-produced solo release, West Don Chronicles (Volume I) on DefTunez! Volume II is already complete and we're pressing him to release it now instead of next year. Show some love to hear it now.

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    Let's Get Ratchet

    Twerk to it. Break something to it. Upcoming show dates including Supremo and other DefTunez artists will be posted right here. Roscoe is on this track. He'll be at our shows.

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    Sleepless Nights

    Are you up late at night? Did did you recently have a bad run in with a ratchet? Does your baby-daddy have too many other baby-mommas? Burn one to Sleepless Nights.

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    Double Cup

    Two fisted super sippin watchin' bikinis drippin. Click the videos to hear it now.

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