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Digital Media Services

Supremo Def Tunez

Cinema, Television and Motion Picture Production

Turn your idea into a script, a "sizzle reel," a pilot or a series. We offer a full line of production services for entertainment professionals. Proffessional photography can make the difference between the public seeing you in your best light and something short of that. Anything short of that is unacceptable.

Audio Recording

Our studio engineers do amazing work. Check out supremo's work or the releases on deftunez.com to treat your ear.

Data Management, Web Design and Internet Security

Do you need a geek? Everyone does eventually. Talk with us about your data management needs and we can help you prevent an emergency from happening. There are many affordable solutions to protect data. The most effective way is to have extra copies and to do regular back-ups. Ask us how we can help you make sure you have access to your data including video and audio.

Social Media and Marketing

Who does your social media? We do social media for a lot of pages. We listed some of them below

Project List

Some of our different projects in various stages of completion

We're in the middle of building or upgrading all of these sites.

Really Great Deals

In these times everyone is looking for the most affordable service. We try our best to give you the best we can at the lowest price we can afford to offer. But, please remember, there's a difference between "affordable" and just plain cheap. Just plain cheap isn't cool.

Def Tunez

Phatdawg entertainment and the Southern California Apple Box Factory combined in the effort to help create Def Tunez Digital Media Group. We've assisted them in countless projects and we look forward to doing more business with them.


If you had the chance to work with the hottest newest dopest artist, you would too.