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Welcome to The Southern California Apple Box Factory

About The Factory

It was just a dream. I used to read 'Word Up Magazine!' OK, I admit it. I was only looking at the pictures. To be entirely honest, I started thinking about this in the early 1970s when I was a little kid and we used to make lists from a giant book of products that was mailed to almost every home. There was a 'store' in the toy section and I wanted to serve ice-cream sodas in my backyard. My dad taught me who Mr. Robuck was and how he got messed over. I also saw my dad act in a play. The play was televised on public access. So, I was a kid who wanted a store who had seen his own father on television. Fast forward forty years later and I was a web designer with a corner store who had studied acting. This really incredible young kid walked in who had just the right sound for a film score. 'The Factory' was already a corporation with a conscience and with #TooBeetz as an asset, I knew that we were destined to become a permanent part of culture if we were willing to put the effort toward it.

- Montel Claude Dedeaux

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Meet The Founders

Montel Claude Dedeaux

The Dreamer

He loves talking about himself in the third person. He's kind of shy in person but when he does web stuff or makes clothes, he tells people that Montel Claude did it. There was a web store planned. It actually did get accomplished. What was planned was to have an e-commerce store with a waiting area. The waiting area got designed with some retail elements. The doors were opened to the public and then they closed. This isn't supposed to be a sad story so without going into too much detail what can be said is that this individual has a lot of talent. As well, this individual has determination to do something for the world someday. Some of the clients who asked to have work done were folks from the neighborhood where the store was located. The work that came is what was done.

The gf

I was in love with her before I met her. When I met her, I knew that she was the one with whom I had been waiting to fall in love. When she was gone, I had no idea what I was going to do with my life because as far as I knew, she was my life. In the middle of me being stuck in that mind state, my brother opened the doors to the public. He and I argued about that but I think I was angry due to the depression from grief. The factory is what it is today because he took that bold step. All I can say is that he should at least ask first next time. A business isn't a baseball glove or a bike or a football or a skateboard. Yeah, It's like my brother threw my own basketball at me.'

The Brother

The brother and the dreamer were born 3651 days apart. That's probably off by one or two days. Someone else can check the math. Basically, the way the story is told, Claude wanted to go to the circus for his 10th birthday, but mom said she was too pregnant for that. Claude sat in the window on a rainy night crying while holding the circus tickets he had been given free at school. He went to bed convinced that if this wasn't the worst birthday ever, that it was certainly the worst 10th birthday ever. In the middle of the night, Claude was taken to the home of a family friend. Soon after, he was introduced to his new brother. In hindsight, having J for a brother is way more fun than a trip to the circus. Even though J has apologized over and over for ruining Claude's 10th birthday, Claude has never publicly accepted the apology.

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