Did you know that supremothedon.com is an Apple Box Factory site!?!

Please visit supremothedon.com if you love web design or if you love hip hop. Supremo The Don is our client and his web page is one service we provide for him as an artist and also for his record label, Def Tunez Digital Media Group, with offices located in Oakland and Compton California, U.S.A.

  The Southern California Apple Box Factory launched deftunez.com a year ago and our company is very fortunate to have their group as clients.  They have a number if great new artists and they have also released work by recognized industry names . We did the website for the record label and so far, we’ve completed one for an artist who is helping to turn their company into something amazing.  We’re very proud to be their web services provider and to also be their “go-to” consultants when almost anything comes up.  Thanks again for working with us!

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