Good Looking Good Cooking

People love Good Looking Good Cooking and we have a whole lot of things to tell you about what that unit is going to be doing soon.  If you’re one of the people who “likes” and enjoys that page, we appreciate you so very much.

The “Factory” is our all things cinema related unit. It was what happened when we were at our old store. The Factory got new inventory  so we are currently adding all of that new inventory to  so that we can fund more GLGC projects.

It’s actually a very long story and we tell some of it on the main factory site about how Montel Claude found himself learning from the incredibly talented master chefs at Wolfgang Puck. Assisting with the meals for the Screen Actor’s Guild Awards and the OSCARS is so incredibly exciting.  Claude hopes to share more recipes and even some of his incredibly talented friends with the folks who follow the Good Looking Good Cooking page.  The website for our   Good Looking Good Cooking unit is still literally an item on Howie Huge and Montel Claude‘s todo list, but we could see it up as soon as this month.  There’s at least fourteen hours left in this month, but, we’ll see. Cross your fingers for us.

Some of our projects relate to music. Some projects are graphic design, web design and social media combos. Some of our work relates to marketing.

Please like and follow the Factory.

We made the page.

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