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My new website is here now! That’s where I’m going to write commentary on current events and share other stuff that I believe is meaningful.  If you want to see my old site, this is the link to my old site.  We are entering the fourth phase in my career.  The first phase was me writing for what used to be called “Quiet Mike” but is now called “Progressive Spring” and links to those articles are provided on most of my pages.

The next phase of my career was my Twitter feed. It was created to promote the Quiet Mike articles but then the discussions that it became a part of were more important than the articles written by the author.  It was a little bit strange.  What happened next was the response to the channel by the public.  The radio show happened next. When the Bernie Sanders campaign discussed the same values and topics that were seen as important to both Doogie Howitzer and Montel Claude, the “Sandernista” was added.

Now, we’re preparing for what happens next with me.


-Sandernista Doogie Howitzer

DH – doogie howitzer – Apple Box Factory


In case some haven’t seen this infamous confession. Iran “might” be the trigger to all out war with China and Russia.

Posted by Wake Up News on Thursday, October 1, 2015

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